Summer Reading

Summer is sadly coming to a close. I will miss the sandals, short sleeves, and the sunny warmth. But this summer hasn’t been too bad. I remember as a kid that the highlight of my summer (besides no school) was the summer reading programs at the library.

We lived in Myrtle Beach for a good long while and there was an AWESOME library there. My mom would take us at least once a week. The best summer reading program was here. The goal was to read 30 hours. For every 5 hours, your name was put in a box for a drawing. If you reached 30, you got a medal at a large party in the party at the end of summer. Those were the days.

I moved up to the teen reading program, and it wasn’t that great. Not as much to offer as the children’s one. And now I’m an adult. When I first signed up for the program at my local library, I stated my goal for 50 hours. My mom laughed and said I could do that in three weeks. Well she was about right. I read a total of 220 hours over the course of 2 months. My name was even picked for a drawing and I won 2 books! That was probably the highlight of my summer!

Local libraries have so much to offer, even beyond their bookcases. More on libraries later.


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