At the beginning of the summer, I really started exploring the website Goodreads. I had joined a few years ago, but didn’t really get into it (like Pinterest), but now that I’ve explored the site I cannot live without it.

Goodreads is a site for people who love books! And that is perfect for me. All the books I’ve ever read are on there and I can add it to my profile, rate it, write reviews, note if you own the book, etc. It’s a way that I can keep track of all that I’ve read. And my friends can see the books too and add the books if they want to read.

There are all kinds of lists on the site that you can rate books. There is a list for top Young Adult books, lists for Historical Fiction, any list you can think of. Most of the books that I have added to my ‘To-Read’ virtual shelf have been from lists. The site also makes recommendations based on what you’ve read, want you want to read, and what you are currently reading. You can also keep track of your page numbers in books you are currently reading.

My favorite thing about the site is the yearly challenge. You set your goal, and it keeps track of how many you read in the whole year. My goal was a modest 50, I wasn’t sure how busy I would be with this new chapter in my life, so I kept it low. I have read 45 of 50 books so far. And I’m positive I will meet my goal.

So go check out Goodreads and see if it enhances your reading experience.


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