Laundry Detergent

This semester has been awful. I’ve never had so many group projects before. I literally had a meeting almost every night. It’s a miracle that I was able to get homework done. Next semester should not be as much, but I have an internship for 20 hours a week. That will be fun. I have to travel an hour to and from work. I don’t mind, especially since I have an internship, and I get a car on campus. (So many blessings)

The title of this post is obviously, laundry detergent. My mom always had to use a certain kind. If it made my dad’s ankles itch (the detergent on the socks), we tried something else. When we lived at the beach, it was one kind, in Virginia, it was another. Now we use Gain regularly, which is nice.

My mom picked up some detergent from (of all places) Family Dollar. And let me tell you, BEST. STUFF. EVER. You know those stains that happen on your clothes and you never think you will be able to get out? This stuff erased all stains.

I even used it on my makeup compact sponge. It turned it back to white. WHITE. I also used it to clean my makeup brushes. ALL the makeup that is in the brush is washed out. And the best part, it only costs $7. 188 fl oz of this stuff is $7. So much cheaper than Gain or Tide.

Yes, this is a weird post about laundry detergent, but I think that it is amazing. And there is some in my dorm room right now. It gets the stains out and cleans my makeup brushes.



Nothing makes me feel more prepared for the coming week than a fresh coat of nail polish. I get an extra ounce of confidence and they are so pretty to look at. (Yes, I sometimes stare at my lovely nails.)

My favorite color has been Sally Hansen’s Arm Candy. It’s a perfect neutral color that goes with everything. And it’s difficult to tell whether it’s chipped.


I have fallen in love with Nicole by OPI On a Gilt Trip. This is a gold glitter matte nail color. As soon as I’m done with one coat, it’s dry and ready for another. I was amazed at how fast it dried. I’ve never been a fan of matte polishes either. I always loved the shiny finish. But this changed my mind. Whenever I needed a quick coat on naked nails, I always reached for this one.

photo (2)

This Christmas, my wonderful cousins got me a professional UV lamp and all the gelish necessities. I got two colors, Good Gossip (glittery red) and Go Girl (Bubblegum Pink). The red was perfect for Christmas and New Years, so that’s the color that I went for first. And it is amazing. I am already in love. I will never have to go to the salon again and pay $35 for a gel manicure.

The steps are simple.

Step 1: Foundation coat (leave under lamp)

Step 2: 2 coats of color (leave under lamp between each coat)

Step 3: Top Coat (leave under lamp)

Step 4: Take rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and go over all nails (it sets the polish, no clue how)

Step 5: Enjoy.

I usually wear mine for about 3 weeks. They do grow out a bit, but I like seeing how long I can wear them before they start coming off.

To remove the gel polish, just soak them in acetone. It results in less damage to the nail.

I’m going to have some fun next semester!