So my to-do list consists of quite a few things. It’s Saturday, the weekend, and I’ve only completed like 2 things. The boyfriend is here for the weekend so obviously the list will not get too much shorter.

Here is my list:

1. Read Apologetics pg 47-93

2. Read over Sections 7 and 8 of Business Plan for team presentation

3. Read ch 13 for Bstats

4. Do Compensation and Benefits test

5. Read Google case study and write 1,000 paper

6. Bstats Homework exercises

7. Listen and Categorize sermons for church database

This is only 7 things, but seriously. . . It’s gonna take a long time to do. This is all the things that are due this week. And they have to get done, no going around it. Yay. Just a little stressed. It always seems that my Mondays and Tuesday are good, but them BAM! The rest of the week is just disaster, I’m stressing to get everything done and freaking out and not sleeping and eating carbs. There is no time to go running to compensate for all the carbs I eat.

And I have to get my schedule for my last semester approved and finalized. I sent in my resume for an internship this past Thursday and (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to get it and start making money while getting school credit. WooHoo!! My schedule now contains 15 credits of classes. There was just so many classes that I wanted to take I just couldn’t help it! And if my internship falls through, then I would have to make sure that I had plenty of classes to fill my final few credits.

Just the life of a senior college student. I’m quite looking forward to finally finishing school, getting married, and having a career. (No school work after I leave work!!!)



Definitely been feeling overwhelmed the past few >>>hours<<<. I’ve had a school project that involved creating a business plan from scratch. Thankful there were 5 of us and we were able to get it done. We hoped to do a lot of fancy things with it, but just ran out of time. One of the guys got sick and that set us a back a bit. But we are done and right on track. Hopefully everything will turn out okay when we turn it in. It’s been frustrating. And I’ve learned how to merge pdf files!!!! (gasps!!)

And then I find out about a super long spreadsheet to do in another class. Yay. Yay. It’s super complicated. I mean, really complicated. I don’t know how to go about any of it. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and lost. It’s an awful feeling. I would cry, but hey, big girls don’t cry, and it’s unprofessional. But I can admit that I just feel like curling up in a ball and crying my eyes out right?

Guess it’s just one of those days. I’m a senior and all of this school stuff will be over soon.

And the best part. . . It’s only Monday.

Day 14: Your Zodiac/Horoscope and If You Think it Fits Your Personality

I don’t really do horoscopes or zodiacs. I don’t really believe in them or want to.

What is frustrating with me is that I’m between two signs. In horoscopes I am a Scorpio. And it is definitely my personality. And they are perfectly suited for business (my major!!!!). This sight has a bit more detail, but since my birthday is October 23rd I’m between signs.

On here, I’m a Libra. I do not agree with this at all. So after reading this, I’m saying I’m a Scorpio. I’m not lazy or scared of hard work. I can be a loner when I want to. I’m not dependent on being with other people constantly. And sometimes I have a hard time connecting with people and seeing things from their perspective. Sometimes my friends have to be harsh with me in order to get my attention.