Day 11: My Family

I have a mom, dad, and a sister.

We aren’t bug picture people, so we have like none that are recent (5+ years).

This is probably my shortest post ever.


Day 10: Put Your Music Player on Shuffle and Write the First 10 Songs that Play

Just for reference, I listen to Pandora and Spotify for my music. And the One Direction and such are my sister’s.

Here we go:

1. Build Me Up Buttercup // The Foundations

2. Bach: The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080-Contrapunctus 7 // Emerson Quartet

3.  Free to be Me // Francesca Battistelli

4. Build Me Up Buttercup // The Hit Crew (Same song different singers)

5. Transcendence // Lindsey Stirling

6. Bach: The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080- Canon Alla Duodecima In Contrapunto Alla Quinta // Emerson Quartet

7. Taken // One Direction

8. Our Lips are Sealed //Hilary Duff

9. Behind the Scenes // Francesca Battestelli

10. Destined // Avalon

So my iPod obviously doesn’t ‘shuffle’ that well.

Day 9: How Important I Think Education Is

Well, I’m only in my senior year of college. So education is pretty important. My family has always pushed it. Especially on one side. My sister and I were always getting compared to the second cousins who were studying medicine. Yay for them.

As a business student, it is drilled into our heads that if you do not have an MBA, your resume will be passed over. It’s true in most cases. But I have a diamond ring in sight and grad school cannot compete with that.

But. . . a degree is not always needed. I have a friend whose brother is working in IT. He got some kind of certification at the age of 16. Now, at the age of 20, he is making more money than his sister (who is an executive assistant with a bachelor’s in business). And his position is two levels higher than a guy with a masters in IT. So sometimes you don’t need it.

But in today’s world, just about everything needs a degree. Yet I sure do hate to pay the price for a silly piece of paper to get a job. We are all swimming in college debt for the next 10 years (at least).

Day 8: What I ate Today

I’m just not one of those people who takes pictures of their food. I get food. I eat food. That’s how it is. Ain’t nobody got time for picture taking.


Omelette: Stuffed with ham, spinach, red and green peppers, onions, and cheese

3 French Toast Sticks

Potato squares

All covered with syrup (I know, I’m weird).

Chocolate Milk


Turkey sandwich



Dr. Pepper


Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich and Fries from Chickfila.

Cherry Pepsi

Post-Volleyball Game Meal:

Taco Bell Beef Queserito

Baja Blast Mountain Dew

Day 7: Five Pet Peeves

Note: Been having technical difficulties.

I have 2 major pet peeves, the rest were kind of hard to come up with.

1. Glasses on the tip of the nose.

I have been wearing glasses since 3rd grade (13 years) and contacts since 6th grade (10 years). One of things I can’t stand is when my glasses slide down my nose and I have to keep ‘poking’ myself on the forehead to keep them up.

Every time I see someone (who wears prescription glasses, not reading glasses) with their glasses on the end of theirs nose I cringe. And they have to lift their nose and face just to see. I mean, seriously. . . just push your glasses back to the position they were meant to be in.

2. Unpainted toenails.

If you wear sandals, please please please paint your toes. No one wants to see dirty (and most of the time they are dirty), ugly, naked toes. It’s gross. And do you realize how long polish lasts on your toes? Like, forever.


This is something I would expect from, say, a 4 year old. But in reality, it happens all the time. How hard is it to wipe a toilet seat if you get something on it? No one wants to touch, clean, or sit on your mess. It’s especially bad in college. (And yes this applies to girls too unfortunately.) My RA tells people time and time again to clean up, and we STILL have problems.

4. Unperfectly straightened hair.

I know we don’t all get perfectly straightened hair. But if you do straighten your hair. . . straighten the back. It’s not enough to part all your hair and straighten that way. Run the straighten down the back of your head or flip your head upside down. It makes sure the back is straightened too. You may have a rockin’ outfit and perfectly straight hair on the sides, but when you turn around the awe is ruined by the wavy back view.

5. Dirty kitchen.

Seriously. The kitchen is where you eat, where you prepare meals, where you store food, and where the family tends to congregate. Keep it clean. Bugs, mold, and other nasty things can be avoided is the kitchen was kept clean. It’s a hazard to your health (and your family’s) if the kitchen is not kept clean.

Day 6: My Views on Mainstream Music

I enjoy music, I really do. I enjoy Christian music, country music, classical music, pop music. Rap not so much. Lindsey Stirling  has been my go to for studying and just relaxing. I love classical music and her music adds a nice edge to tradition. First heard her on Pandora and just had to have it on my iPod.

For this post I definitely had to look up the definition of ‘mainstream.’ Call me ignorant by I have only heard the term very few times. And it simply means the music listened to by the masses (thank you Wikipedia).

So. . . what exactly does everyone listen to? Young girls rave about One Direction, Southerners love their country music, older people cherish their traditional hymns. But seriously, does everyone have a mutual artist/song/genre that they all listen too? Between me and my friends, none of us listen to the same music. It’s rare we all agree on a genre.

So my view on mainstream music. . . there is none. The top charts every week are full of different genres and styles and artists. So how can we all as the human race agree on one thing?

I may be wrong here, but that’s my reality and how I see it.

Day 5: 5 Movies I Enjoyed this Summer

This summer I went to the movies more times than I’ve been my whole life.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy.

I can stop right here and just say this one will cover all my top 5. It totally was a movie I would see over and over again. So. Good. Can’t wait for the next one to come out. And Marvel did an excellent job.  A talking raccoon and a talking tree were just so out of the box.

4. The Fault in Our Stars

If you haven’t read the book, read it. A screen can only do so much with understanding the deep emotions and thoughts of characters. But I have to say that I was impressed with this one. I’m a total book before movie person and I was scared that Hollywood would screw it up. But they didn’t. It was very close to the book. And I only used 12 tissues.

3. How To Train Your Dragon 2

Such a cute sequel. Well done and so glad they expounded on the family. And Toothless at the end—- fist pump!!!!

4. Maleficent

I am really enjoying the remake of the normal princess movies, and this one did not disappoint. I loved the different perspectives. And there really has been a theme of a man not breaking a spell or ‘true love.’ It’s refreshing not have love and the perfect man and all that stuff thrown in your face.

5. Think Like a Man Too

So I never saw the first one. The only reason I watched it is because it was the only movie my boyfriend and I could agree on. But it surprised me. Not necessarily one I would see again, but it did make us laugh and think of ideas for bachelor and bachelorette parties.