Bookaholic: Daisy Goodwin

So I follow The College Prepster almost DAILY. I love reading all of Carly’s posts and truly admire what she has accomplished and how she has developed her blog. She is the reason I started blogging.

Every once in a while she posts about different books she enjoys. I am a total bookaholic (I literally start to hyperventilate when I walk into a wonderful bookstore). She had read The American Heiress and loved it. I enjoy 1800s settings so I put it on my reading list. I picked up for $5 at BAM. As soon as I saw it and the price I knew it would be the next book I read.

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I LOVED IT. I enjoy Downton Abbey and this book helped me get over the season breaks. I could not put it down. I TOTALLY recommend it. It is Daisy Goodwin’s first novel and I must say that it was amazing!

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I was in Sam’s today walking through (of course!) the book section. And low and behold, my eyes settle on another book by her. The Fortune Hunter. Shut. The. Front. Door. As soon as I saw it I grabbed it and put it in my cart. You know what I will be doing for the rest of the week!