Skin Care

I am all about skin care. I struggled with bad skin for about seven years now. It started in 8th grade and just got worse. In high school, I went to the dermatologist regularly. It was a real pain. I’ve been on Accutane (the supposed ‘cure’ for acne) three times and my skin still is not clear. I’ve tried so many things.

For my birthday I got the Clarisonic. And it has been amazing. It came with three brush heads and an attachment for  a body brush.

Mine is a cute blue floral color.

photo (2)

I started using the sensitive brush head when I first started. This was amazing!! I watched the tutorial video online to learn exactly how to use it. You can control your speed (try the different settings and see which one works for you). My skin cleared up and stayed very clear for a good long time.

With the brush heads, you have to change them every three months. The heads are expensive. About $25 each, but so worth the money for clear skin. I can tell when I needed to change the brush because my skin wasn’t as clean as it usually would be. I used the second brush in the kit, the deep pore cleansing brush. I hated this one. Yes, it deeply cleaned my pores. And when you deeply clean your pores, all the junk and dirt that’s deep in there comes to the surface. Ever since I started using this brush, my skin has not been clear (and I’ve tried it for the whole three months). I’m definitely switching back to the other brush.

I third brush head in the kit is the body brush head. This attaches right on. You just add your favorite body wash, turn it on, and clean your whole body. I liked this one. I felt as if I was getting a better clean compared to using a washcloth.

Overall I absolutely love my Clarisonic. You have to play around with the settings and brush heads to find the right combination for you, but once you find it there is no going back .


Coffee Confessions

I’m a college student. Sometimes, coffee is just necessary. My drug of choice- Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut. It just smells heavenly. Add in some International Delight Hershy’s chocoale caramel creamer and I am on cloud 9. 

Image I could drink this every single morning for the rest of my life. 


When my boyfriend is not here or my bestie doesn’t have a crazy adventure planned, I spend my available time doing my homework (shocker right?). On Fridays I get my to do list written up (prioritized, of course), then I begin on the first few items. I fo to bed a bit earlier on Friday night and sleep in some on Saturday morning. It’s the weekend and it’s the only time I can catch up on sleep. But I don’t let myself sleep til noon as I used to. I can’t just waste half a day anymore. 

When I wake up on Saturday, I make my bed and clean. It’s hard to work in a space that is cluttered and I cannot function efficiently. Then i begin on my work. Taking study breaks every so often so I won’t go insane. I also try to get a bit ahead for the next week. It reduces stress because I son’t have as much work to do since I got some of it done the weekend before. 

So that sums up my weekends. [But don’t get me wrong, I do have fun and sometimes I don’t get as much done as I would like. But hey, we’re all human here.]