Charming Charlie

I had a great time last night with a GNO. Yogurt Mountain and a little shopping. 


Everyone has been talking about this cute store called Charming Charlies. I found the store when I got lost in a shopping center, but never went in. My friends took me there and oh my word. I totally needed an intervention. HANDBAGS every where!!! My one obsession and passion is handbags. And there were tons of them!!!



And the store is completely color coated! So whatever color you are looking for, there are tons of items. I could spend a million dollars in there. No joke. I would buy about every handbag, some shoes, a few dress, and lots of necklaces. My new favorite place!!!




Later this month, my friends and I are heading to the beautiful, historic Charleston!!!!!! I haven’t been there in years. I am so looking forward to view Rainbow Row, the battery, and the BEACH again! Definitely taking my camera for some photography practice. And nothing is better than a small road trip with the bestie!

Here are some picture of what I hope to see for myself soon. 





Rainbow Row!!!



One Full Week

I have now posted everyday for a full week (according to my time zone). I am so happy that I have come up with this accomplishment!!

In my free time (or even sitting in class) I think of topics for the blog. I write down the idea or even the whole post and assign a date to it. I recently bought a smallish notebook for posts. I call it my blog journal. 

I have created a folder on my computer and I will type up all the posts. I can proof read, fill our, and thin out all the posts and save them for future reference. 

I simply copy and post onto the blog, adding hyperlinks and pictures where wanted. I can save a draft and edit to when I want to post it. So I can do several posts at once and they will automatically upload when I want them. So when I get really busy or go home for the weekend, I don’t need to worry about not posting. 

I then add the link to social media so I can share the blog with friends. This system has worked out great for me. 

A Good Impression

So over the summer I held a job at a local manufacturing plant where my dad is the sales and productions guy. They hire the college students of the employees and give them jobs around the plant.

I was placed in Stores. And let me tell you . . . it was so much fun! These people in the department are so tight knit and it seemed to be a good time every day. Now, I will admit that the first few days/weeks were a little rough. Getting used to 40 hour work weeks and the job itself was a bit tough. But once I got used to everything and got to know the people, it became a lot more fun.

The way my brain works is that it tries to find ways to do things more efficient. I learned all the programs pretty quickly and was able to do many things on my own (and even found out a few new things). The people I worked with were impressed by my progress and work.

For a certain number of hours a week, we (all the ‘summer help’) had to work on the actual manufacturing floor. This job was very monotonous and not interesting. But you could talk to the other people, and that made the time go by quickly. With unpleasant jobs, you need to be careful about what you say, and you really do. Complaining will either keep you in the same place or even get you demoted. Complaining really bugs management and coworkers. It can even get to upper management.

I say all this for a few reason. 1) Do your job well. If you are doing a good job, it will make its way up the hierarchy ladder. 2) Don’t complain. It will not help you in the company. It provides negative feedback on you and your work ethic. I was praised and was told to come back due to my work ethic and low complaining. I tried to do my best because I wanted to work well. That was how I was brought up. And I was representing my dad. I sis not want anything negative reflecting back on him. 3) CYOB. Cover Your Own Butt. Manufacturing can be a trying area to work. People will try to push things off on you. Keep a small notebook around or something and just write down everything. Keeping paper trail of what you do can save you from mistakes and other people’s mistakes.

Being a good, temporary employee can open up doors for you to be offered a full time job. When they see you doing your best in a temporary position, they will know that you will be a hardworking employee. They wall want to hire you. So keep on keeping on. Hard work will get rewarded. 

Albus Dumbledore

As long as I can remember, I have wanted a fish for my dorm room. And I finally got one this Christmas! I named him Albus Dumbledore. I wanted an epic name for him and that seemed appropriate. He’s a betta fish and let me tell you, it’s difficult.


The worst thing has been his intestinal issues. He gets swim bladder and constipated very frequently. I feed him every other day like Petsmart told me. The Internet says to feed him worms. I guess I will have to switch to that and see if that helps him any. 

Oreo Balls

Apparently the most favorited and requested food among my friends in Oreo Balls. 
Here is a picture of the recipe. I use nonfat cream cheese (so you don’t feel less guilty) and Ghirardelli chocolate is the best to use with a double boiler. 


Film and Theatre

So I’m taking an appreciation class of film and theatre. And let me tell you, I will never look at movies the same again. Most people do not know or realize all that goes in to making a film. What really surprised me was the significance of camera angles, down to the direction of the camera on a character. Watch this Lord of the Rings clip.

In this clip, we see the camera going back and forth between the characters of Gollum and Smeagol. It appears to be a creepy twist on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At the end of their argument, it appears (through the dialogue) that Smeagol has won, but look at the camera angle. It’s on the Gollum side! This totally blew my mind! And, knowing the whole movie series, Gollum does resurface and leads himself to the ultimate destruction.

This is just one of the different elements of film that brings the whole story together. Every piece of furniture and every prop is there for a reason. Everything in the camera shot is there for a reason. The looks, the tone of voice. It all come together to tell the story.

I just started the film section of the class so I can’t really speak much about it right now. But I am definitely looking forward to it.