The Common Commonplace Book

So I have this major obsession with notebooks. I don’t know why. When I was in elementary school I loved to draw. I thought it was so much fun. I was a typically little girl who loved horses. SO they were the main objects of my drawings. They weren’t really that good. But I got compliments on them and kept drawing. Then in high school I went more towards the writing aspect. I even thought about pursuing a writing career. But that died out after a while.

I still like to write. But mainly in journal form for my own personal use. But I still have the obsession with notebooks.


I have a notebook that I carry around with my planner in my school bag. I list my to do lists, meetings for the day, and dinner plans, and anything that a teacher says in class that I might want to check out later. I love crossing off the things on my lists. And I have the notebook to go back and look at all the things I’ve accomplished during the school year.


But one of my key notebooks is the small one I carry around with in my purse. It’s just a small PentalicTraveler’s Lined Journal (review here). I write down literally anything and everything. Whether it’s a list of things I need to get from the store, a book I want to read, a quote I heard, blog ideas, and anything else that I have to write down or I’ll forget about it. My brain just works so fast that I have to write things down or I’ll forget or my ideas get so scattered. It’s part of how I keep order in my life. And trust me, it is such a big help. 


A Red Carpet Affair

So this past weekend was so much fun. I went out with some girls in my society (similar to sorority). In society, we have two major outings. One, is a dating outing. You bring a guy (interest or friend) and you have fun at an activity with games and lots of fun. The other is a stag outing, which is just the girls.

This semester was a stag outing and it was so divine!! We all dressed up in 40s/50s attire (red nails, red lipstick, and big wavy hair) and had a small buffet dinner at the Brick Street Café. Now I love food, especially good food. And believe me when I say that the food was AMAZING. I could not even fit all the food I wanted to on my plate.



(Yeah yeah call me a pig.) The fried chicken tenders were amazing, the mashed potatoes were great, and warm spinach dip with cheesy bruschetta was to die for!! And who doesn’t love the cute little café atmosphere? Totally going there for date night sometime.


Being with these girls is so much fun. I always enjoy our outings. And what vintage night isn’t complete without I Love Lucy videos and a slide show of vintage ads? 

Semester Mayhem

As I said in my last post, this semester has been one of the most difficult. Even without accounting class. Taking 18 credits with a goal of graduating a semester early has good intentions, but I highly doubt that will happen. This semester, my classes are not that difficult. It’s just a lot of work to get done in a small amount of time. But I have been able to get it done miraculously. 

Another reason this semester is so difficult has been because of health problems. At the beginning of the semester, I had some tests done and the results were great. So that situation was fine, no worries. Now I have mono. I mean, perfect right? The one illness that can knock you out and you have to sleep all the time and can barely make it to class. Thankful, we either caught it early (I’ve been actually resting regularly and taking naps) or it’s not just hitting me as bad as other people. I have energy *most of the time* and I really feel great, besides my throat. I am getting an adequate amount of sleep at night and take a nap every afternoon. I had to take a break from my job but getting rest is important. I’m drinking water all the time. And when I’m not in class or sleeping, I’m doing homework. I do not want to get behind. 

So this semester really is the toughest, not class wise, but physically. But I’m happy and thankful and blessed. I really have nothing to complain about. This is just a bump in the road. Something I have to deal with. But I really cannot complain. 🙂

Shopping Pick Me Up

Sorry to have gone off the radar for so long. Eighteen credits plus some minor health issues have definitely stumped the progress of my blog. But with everything that has been going on, a small shopping trip is just what I needed. 

So my roommate excitedly told me about Old Navy‘s sweater sale. Now I need sweaters that fit. It’s kinda hard to do. Most of the ones in my closet are way too bog under the arms. So to Old Navy I went, with my dad in tow. 

I got three Honeycomb-knit sweaters that are oh so warm and comfortable. And three of the classic crew-neck sweaters which are perfect for layering. And of course, a trip to Old Navy is not complete without a browse through the clearance section. Got a white button down that I can use for layering. 

So though my life isn’t going exactly as planned, these purchases definitely make my week just a little bit better.