The Value of Friendship

SO. . .

I have been feeling so overwhelmed with school. I never thought that a full credit load would involve this much work and preparation. My law class literally takes 2-5 hours to prepare for, depending on the assignment due that particular day. But I do find it interesting studying case files and making issue statements.

But there is one thing important to all humans . . . and that is relationships. I am so thankful for my best friend. She is always there for me. She confronts me when needed and necessary, encourages me all the time. She has given me great advice and not to mention all the amazing talks and discussions we have had over everything (and I mean everything). I don’t know what I would do without her. She always brings a smile to my face or a laugh to my day. I feel super awesome about life whenever we get to hang out.

I am also very very thankful for my boyfriend. He is a few hundred miles away from me and that is hard, but that is something we are used to at the moment. But I value the time I get to talk to him. Whether it’s a ‘good morning’ text or simply ‘I’m thinking about you,’ it always lifts my spirits and flutters my heart. He has especially helped me with this week. I never realized how much I need verbal communication over the phone with him. To hear his voice and him telling me not to worry and that I can overcome anything and that I can make it this year. It means so much to me.

I have been super blessed with the people that have been placed in my life. I don’t know where I would be without them. (Most likely crying in a hole somewhere deep in the ground) 


Kate Spade Emma Book Clutch

Kate Spade Emma Book Clutch

So I’ve just been doing some online window shopping. You know, looking at merchandise online but not buying any because your bank account is very low. So I saw a Kate Spade clutch that I think is just absolutely perfect! It’s the Emma book clutch. I am a total book nerd, so seeing this is absolutely awesome! It has plenty of space and it even has the best quote of the whole book on the back! Totally craving this!
Too bad there are non available right now.

Relaxing Afternoon

I know I am terrible at updating this blog. I really wanted to be consistent from the beginning, but 18 credits have me barely keeping my head above water at the moment.

But today was a great, relaxing day. I got to sleep in a little and enjoy the extra rest. I started my day with cleaning. I cleaned my closet and drawers and got my hamper full for the short trip home this weekend. I organized my desk and bed area too. I just like to have everything clean and organized (at least I try to anyway). I just feel accomplished and I can get a lot more things done when I’m organized.

I started on some homework and projects. I like to get everything done that’s due on Monday, and then begin on the work for next week so that I am ahead for the week and don’t feel rushed to cram everything together. I love looking at my notebook and seeing things already crossed off and complete. I don’t feel so stressed. And Saturdays are a great day to just relax and take my time on my work.

This afternoon, my dad took me to the hunting grounds we go to. I got in some target practice too. I haven’t shot in forever, so I surprised myself when I hit the bull’s eye several times. I plan on keep the targets and tracking my progress. I definitely prefer a rifle to a muzzle loader. But next time I will definitely bring bug spray. I love the outdoors, but hate being eaten alive by mosquitos.

The rest of my night was spent with home cooked food and watching my favorite show Duck Dynasty. I’m totally a Southern girl and I get a great laugh out of the good clean fun they have on there.

Thus concludes my nice, relaxing day before the storm soon begins again.

Busy Busy Busy

I apologize over and over for totally neglecting to update over the past week. I was struggling with a cold and then school activities started coming in an avalanche. Not to mention meeting my boyfriend’s parents (love them!).

So I have successfully finished my first day of classes. And boy has it been full. I had five classes today from 8am to 2pm and then work. Just let me say, there is A TON of reading to do. I mean, like a whole chapter has to be read. Oh well, I am a junior and have been doing this for a while. I shouldn’t have expected anything less. But really. . .

Right now I am very thankful for coffee and good music. I have no motivation to do any of this homework. . . but alas it must be done. So back to the books. . .