The Host

Ok. Bear with me on this one. When I was an emotional teenager in high school I did read all the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer. I loved them! But nowadays, being in my 20s and having grown up a bit, I only like the Twilight book itself. The others are ok. And the movies are alright too I guess.
But after reading those books, a friend of mine told me about The Host. I had seen the book and was like ‘Wow, that’s a thick book.’ It’s also by Stephanie Meyer, but honestly, it’s so different than Twilight. It’s a scifi novel that I read in one weekend. I couldn’t put it down. It does promote the ‘Team This Guy’ and Team That Guy’ (I am so Team Ian). But the whole book I found was just amazing!
And then they came out with the movie!!! I was super stoked. I finally saw it this summer. Though the movie did not meet the expectations of the book (since when were movies better than books anyway?), all in all it was a really enjoyable movie as well.


Volleyball Passion

Volleyball Passion

Ok. So this week has been crazy! I go home and end up leaving my computer at school. No blog updates, no Facebook, nothing like that at all. But It wasn’t all that bad. I got to catch up on sleep.
But I did have some great fun tonight. I was never athletic and sporty in elementary and junior high. I was a little chunky and was not coordinated at all (still have some difficulties in the coordination area). But once I hit ninth grade, something happened. I don’t really know what it was. Maybe it was because Coach Baker actually gave me a chance to play ball. (I really am eternally grateful to her for that.)
I finally made the basketball team in ninth grade at my new school. I was so excited. I just couldn’t believe it. By the end of my freshman year in high school I was starting five and totally loving the game of basketball. I later played softball and volleyball, but basketball was my all time favorite. Maybe because I could really rough it up and block people’s shots and steal the ball (my favorite pass time haha they never saw it coming).
But I changed school’s my senior year. After working at the game of basketball for 7 (yes SEVEN) years of my life, here comes senior year. When our team was supposed to totally dominate the league. And then I moved. I did make the basketball team, but I hated it. I was taught to hate the game of basketball. The fire and passion I had for three straight years died within a few months. I didn’t touch a basketball for almost a year after that disastrous season.
But one sport that I really have been able to call my own is volleyball. I play at church, at camp, at college, at retreats, at home. It really is a sport that I have been able to grow and dominate in. Volleyball slowly became my passion. And I have to say, I love it! It’s the best thing ever! I was able to play some sand volleyball tonight with some friends. I really had fun. It’s great to see the surprise on some people’s faces when I play. I hate saying that I am a good player. I usually just say, “Come see me play and decide for yourself.” I don’t know what your definition of good is. So if you want to know if I am good or not you need to come watch me play.
But I am so thankful for volleyball. It’s a sport that I can have a fire for and desire to play better. I can’t wait for my church league to start up soon!

Shopping Trip!

So with the new school year starting and moving back into a dorm room (that literally looks like a bunker), I need a few essential items. Next stop, THE MALL!!!!

Now this summer I started working and making a pretty good amount of money. So naturally, I went shopping like every week. It felt amazing spending my own money that I had worked for. It made me appreciate what I bought. I was in Books a Million and Victoria’s Secret every week.

So my first stop was The Body Shop. My sister wanted to go in. I have never been there before, but I did enjoy it. I loved their body butter. I got the coconut one and mango. The coconut smell reminds me of the beach and the mango is just my kind of fruity scent. I totally fell in love.

We next headed to Bath and Body Works. I specifically wanted some hand soap for my room. Well lucky me. They had a sale going on! FIVE hand soaps for $15!!!!! I was so excited. I got the Sonoma Vineyard Berries, Peach Bellini, and (my fav) Montana Mountain Air. (My sister got the other 2. We usually tag team on specials.) I am so pleased with my finds. I mean really. I am totally stocked up and ready for clean hands all throughout this semester.

What also caught my eye there was the Sweet and Sexy Collection. Most older people go for the Sweet, while younger customers tend to drift toward the Sexy. But honestly, I think that it’s just the name. Most “sexy” scents seem to be extremely over whelming. I mean, come on. I am totally a Sweet girl. There is just something about the sweet and fruity scents that I love. I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow and see if anyone notices.

And a trip with my sister and BFF (Holly) is not complete without a trip to Charlotte Russe. They had a lot of good deals going on. Cheap clothes, jewelry, scarves, and a deal on shoes.

So all-in-all, I think it was a pretty good shopping trip. But of course with my sister and Holly, there is never a dull moment in our adventures.

Book Club!

So I have recently added a new favorite author to my list. Charles Todd. I picked up one of his books, An Unmarked Grave and loved it! It was a murder mystery that I just couldn’t put down! Then I did some research to see if there were any other books by him and found out that the book I was reading is #4 in a series. Talk about frustration and disappointment. So I headed straight over to the library and picked up the first in the series.

A Duty to the Dead covers the adventure of Bess Crawford, a nurse during the Great War. She cares for Arthur Graham, but he dies of infection. He leaves with her one last message to his brother Jonathan. She carries the message to the Graham family, but they seem apathetic to carry out Arthur’s last wishes. Bess is placed into unusual events and realizes that there is more to this family than what meets the eye. Who is this older Graham brother? Who really committed a murder fourteen years ago? Was a recent suicide really a suicide? You will have to read this page turner to find out for yourself.  

Jump Start

So for me, classes begin in about two weeks. I am already on campus and am working most of the day. But when I get off, I pretty much have nothing to do. I am still unpacking, but I can only do that for so long before I get distracted and bored. I have been hanging out with my BFF, but we are kinda running out of things to do.

Thankfully, Bob Jones has course pages available online. This link connects you to all the classes that are offered, including the syllabi and other study tips and helps. By using this, I am able to see some study guides and other class related material. I already have some of my books, so I can begin reading and going through everything and totally get a head start! I love this idea and am already running with it. I have my notecards ready with things I have to memorize and my book all ready to begin outlining the chapters to make the first few days of class easier. I love the feeling of already being prepared for class. Especially since this semester is going to be my busiest one yet (supposedly).

Check out your school’s intranet and see if they offer any kind of material that was used last year. It will give you an idea of what to look forward and prepare yourself for the coming chaos that is sure to make itself known.



Caution signs. They are there for a reason. And today I have learned to pay closer attention to them.

So I started my first day of being a teacher’s aide today. I love it. All I do is make laminates, cut them out, and make copies. It’s pretty simple and seems monotonous (it may get that way soon), but today has just flown by.
Well, my normal job during the semester is late stay. I’m paid to play on the playground. I love it. The kids are so cute!!
Side Note* A little second grader hugged me today!!! Her first day of second grade, in a new building, and she decided to hug me!!!! 😀 Day. Made.
Anyway, my late stay boss asked me to help set up for late stay and to get our radios ready. I walked into the cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium), totally stepping over the Caution! Wet Floor! Sign. I continued walking and suddenly, WHOOSH!!!!!! One moment I was upright, the next I was sitting right on my butt.
Now, over my life time, I have seem to be accident prone and tend to trip and fall a lot. I do take pride in being hit by parked cars and tripping over flat surfaces. That takes special skills.
Needless to say, I have learned to pay more attention to the caution signs and I sure did make some people’s day. But hey, as my mother always tells me, God put me on this earth to make other people laugh.

One Eventful Day

Just a quick and simple update.

I have officially moved onto campus. *Not checked in.* There’s a big difference. But most of my stuff is here and I am in the middle of making my bed. Hopefully my camo bed set will arrive tomorrow.

It’s really strange to be here, yet also familiar. I mean, I have been here for two years already. But after a long summer of working (and making really good money), I’m back to the grinding stone and starting to get into the college routine again.

I didn’t miss much. But this year I am so ready to begin digging in to my major more. After this summer of actually seeing some of the concepts that have been covered in lectures, I am so ready to learn more and discover all I can. I have never been this excited for school. I mean seriously. I have been planning and figuring out systems for myself all summer. I have all of my school supplies (minus books) all together and ready. Just two and a half weeks before classes start. For now I just have to work with little kids for two weeks. They are so precious. I am so looking forward to seeing their familiar faces again. I really have missed my little buddies.

But for now I better finish unpacking and get some much needed rest to prepare myself for the little bundles of energy!